Automating the Modeling and Optimization of the Performance of Signal Processing Algorithms. This thesis contributes methods for automating the modeling and optimiza- This article is based upon the masters thesis Developing a warehouse optimization model for humanitarian logistics written at the Division of. Engineering Logistics, Faculty of Engineering, Lund University. The idea for the thesis was born after a meeting with Senior Business Analyst Svein Hapnes from. UNHCR. He saw a. Mar 7, 2012. Learning. From An Optimization Viewpoint by. Karthik Sridharan. Submitted to Toyota Technological Institute at Chicago. 6045 S. Kenwood Ave, Chicago, IL, 60637. For the degree of Doctor of Philosophy in Computer Science. Thesis Committee Nathan Srebro (Thesis Supervisor),. David McAllester,.

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Learning From An Optimization Viewpoint

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