Feb 9, 2018. Our specialties include Hardware Engineering RF, RFIC, Analog Mixed Signal IC, Digital IC, and ASIC Design Engineers, with expertise in CMOS BiCMOS, PLL DLL, SERDES, ADCDAC, LNA, VCO, Power Management (DC-DC), FPGA, Board Design, WLAN, Bluetooth, 802.11, 3G4G, LTE, Wireless,. Feb 7, 2007. To obtain analog design engineering position to utilize my knowledge of circuit design in areas of analog and digital as well as control, electromagnetics and power electronics. Based in Belgrade, ELSYS Eastern Europe is a subsidiary of ADVANS Group which is a European group of experts in electronic systems and software. Our. 1000 engineers serve a range of industries in multimediawireless, service, medical, networktelecom, energy, aerospace, defense, automotive and IT. For our offices. Intel Corporation - Digital Design Engineer Resume Example. Resume Score 65. Love this resume? Build Your Own Now. DIGITAL DESIGN ENGINEER. Professional Summary. Highly motivated Electrical Engineer seeking a challenging position in Mixed-Signal DesignValidation, to effectively contribute my skills.

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