Writing a history paper is a process. Successful papers are not completed in a single moment of genius or inspiration, but are developed over a series of steps. When you first read a paper prompt, you might feel overwhelmed or intimidated. Feelings When your paper is finished, you may feel satisfaction, or dissatisfaction, depending on how you feel about the end product. Youll probably feel a sense of. Steps for Writing a Process Essay. The first step of writing your how-to essay is brainstorming.. How to Write a Process or How-To Essay. ThoughtCo. https.

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Essay writing in elementary, middle and high school is easy if you know the steps to follow create an outline, thesis, introduction, body and conclusion. If you havent, then maybe this is the first time you have tried to write a research paper. This Web Page is intended to explain a step-by-step process to create a high-quality paper on original research.