On the origin of language Jean-Jacques Rousseau, Essay on the origin of languages Johann Gottfried Herder, Essay on the origin of language. Rousseau. The social contract writers characterize men and women in the state of nature by observing the traits people display in political society and making. Rousseau is writing before Charles Darwin reoriented our thinking about human origins in the nineteenth. Prior to the development of language and society, it. Jacques Derridas Deconstructive Reading of Rousseaus Essay on the Origin of Languages Gerasimos Kakoliris National and Kapodistrian University of Athens Jacques Derridas engagement with J.J. was born for music, Jean-Jacques Rousseau wrote of himself, not to be consumed in its execution, but to speed its progress and make discoveries about it. His ideas on the art and about the art are fertile, inexhaustible. Rousseau was a practicing musician and theorist for years before publication of his first Discourse,.

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One way of thinking of the The Essay on the Origin of Languages (in Rousseau 1998, which will be referred to in future discussion as the Essay) would be as an extraordinarily concise and deep summary, and rewriting, of the New Science, taken in conjunction with Montesquieus The Spirit ofthe Laws (1991). The Essay is. Chomsky traces the origin of such thinking, which had its sway for almost a hundred years until the emergence. 1 This essay was presented as a lecture at the University Freedom and the Human Sciences Symposium, Loyola. Rousseau discusses the origin of language at some length, though he confesses himself to.