Jul 13, 2014. Looking for a Hill internship? Trying to parlay your current internship into a full-time staffer position? Got interns youre managing? Roll Calls Ultimate Capitol Hill Internship Guide, written by former eight-year Hill staffer and current Hill Navigator columnist Rebecca Gale, levels with you about what you. Resumes for Getting a Job in WashingtonTen Basic Tips 1. It is important to list dates and locations for all jobs, internships, etc. Make. Writing Tips for an Internship Resume. Additional Resources. Internship Resumes For High School and College Students.

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Some of the most powerful people in Washington began their careers as interns on Capitol Hill. Offices on Capitol Hill are flooded with resumes every year from. Career Services Office 202 Pryzbyla Center (202). Put your cover letter and resume in a. The best way to build contacts on the Hill is to work as an intern. Oct 25, 2016. So youve somehow weaseled your way into a Capitol Hill internship. Maybe you sprayed all 535 offices with your resume. Maybe you share an alma mater with a chief of staff to some no-name congressman. Or maybe you did it the old fashion way and had your rich father call in a favor to his favorite.