This collection contains UW-Madison dissertations and theses made available to the public by virtue of public-domain status or the permission of the author. Master of Science, Electrical Engineering. include preparing a thesis,. application to the University of Wisconsin Madisons Graduate. Your electronic thesisdissertation (ETD) will be published by ProQuestUMI and by the UW Libraries. When you submit your ETD for review and publication, you will be required to read and accept two separate publishing agreements and then be prompted to decide whether to publish your work right away or to delay its. For an opportunity to practice this skill, participate in the University of Wisconsin-Madison Three-Minute Thesis Competition, hosted by GWIS Madison and sponsored by WARF, the Graduate School Office of Professional Development, the Wisconsin Institute for Discovery, Promega, Millipore, and Sigma-Aldrich. The event.

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This is a dissertation template for UW Madison. It builds on memoir.cls (which youll need to have installed) and on the (venerable but subtly-broken) withesis.cls. Youll want to process your document with pdflatex. For best results, youll want the following packages installed somewhere in your TEXINPUTS as well.