He wrote a million and a half words a year, or about twenty pages each working day (assuming 250 working days in a year). Erle Stanley Gardner, author of the Perry Mason novels, wrote a million words a year, which is about thirteen pages each working day. Victor Hugo wrote twenty pages each day. John Grisham wrote. Apr 6, 2017. One million words means I write on days Id rather read or bake or clean the hair trap in the bathtub because Im stuck on a plot point or I am tired of thinking of physical gestures that arent smiles or nods or shrugs. But I power through because one million words means Ive developed a discipline not unlike. Feb 19, 2010. I usually write 3500 words a day for publication, six days a week. That daily effort averages out to a million words a year. Those writing numbers are numbing and they dont include the daily grind of writing emails or crafting shopping lists or the rare, luxuriant, instance of love letter making. Sometimes I. My Lab Support Contractor Nov 15, 2016. They may either choose to write a novel of more than 50,000 words, write multiple novels, or may simply aim to finish their novel ahead of the deadline.. In 2014 witcykristy, Kiryuu-chan and TheMaskedCokie wrote a million words as well S.Berry also maxed out the counter in 2014 but wrote an actual total.

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Writing a Million Words a Year | David Boles, Blogs

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Writing a Million Words a Year | David Boles, Blogs

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Dec 14, 2013. These are the final one thousand words. Two days ago, I had written 990,000 words and had just 10,000 just 1 remaining. As of this morning, I had 994,000. And between then and now, I have written all but these final few. And I am actually not entirely sure what I would like. Jul 11, 2015. Milwordy a Super Writing Challenge in which the writer pens One Million Words in One Year! In 2009 I created the challenge along with the word defining it httpmilwordy.livejournal.com. (Actually it was on nanowrimo forums but from that year they are no longer up.) Anyway, I have never completed the. Mar 14, 2014. It takes a minimum of three years full time study, or 7-10 years of part-time study to get a university degree. Becoming a writer is harder! I think it was Ray Bradbury who said we need to write at least a million words just to make it to the foothills. Seems like a lot? Not really. 3,000 words a day for a year or.