How TLSSSL Works. Updated March 28,. Resume Session Messages. The client sends a Client Hello message using the Session ID of the session to be resumed. The SSL protocol allows for sessions to resume if the security is not compromised. This is a normal function and it means that you can continue your session and NOT. Jan 29, 2015. The SSL protocol allows for sessions to resume if the security is not compromised. This is a normal function and it means that you can continue your session and NOT lose data necessarily if your SSL session is interrupted. This is NOT a security risk or vulnerability.

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It is therefore common practice to set the SSL session cache timeout to a length of time. If you enable this setting, LTM does not resume SSL sessions after an. SSL session flow. When an SSL session ends cleanly using the SSLshutdown API and both the client and the server cache the SSL information, it is possible to resume that SSL session at a later time and avoid the expense of encrypting and decrypting the secret master key portions of the SSL handshake. To resume an.