There are basically six steps to writing a lawsuit and this guide will help you with the process. Jun 14, 2017. Seattle Mayor Ed Murray declared at a Wednesday news conference he has been vindicated by the withdrawal of a sexual-abuse lawsuit against him and did not rule out reviving his reelection campaign as a write-in candidate. This lawsuit was a painful experience, Murray said in a prepared statement. The first thing you need to do to start a civil lawsuit is to write a Complaint. A complaint tells the defendant why he or she is being sued. It is one of the first pleadings, or papers, filed with the court that tells the court who and why you are suing. Connecticut General Statutes section 52-91 and Connecticut. Practice Book. Oct 12, 2017. Writing The Story - 2 Damages? Jury Trial? Recap what happened Try to talk to the other side What Next (if known)? 4. WHO SUEDWAS SUED?WHO SUEDWAS SUED? A former English teacher sued St. Lucys Priory High School in a lawsuit filed Wednesday in Los Angeles Superior Court,.

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